Electric Easy Grinder

Rechargeable Herb Grinder & Sealed Storage Case

Convenience that fits in your pocket, your easy GrinderTM automatic herbal grinder & dispenser is ready when you need it to be. Whether it’s loose tobacco, medicinal herbs or seasoning for dinner around a campfire, the powerful grinding blades can take up to 2.5 g of product with the press of a button. The longer you grind, the finer your herbs, and the included brush makes for an easy clean up.

Watch our Easy Grinder Electric Herb Grinder Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery with a Detachable Storage Case. Easily grind a variety of herbs with a push of a button.

Electronic Herb Grinder

Packed in a sleek design box, Easy Grinder has everything you need to get your grind on. Whether you need to clean with the included brush or replace with the extra blade, Easy Grinder is ready out of the box.

  • Easy Grinder – Automatic Herbal Grinder & Dispenser
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Replacement Blade
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Instruction Manual

Unique Features

  • Sturdy

    Durable metal housing. Disassembles for easy cleaning.

  • Battery Life

    Lasts up to 5 hours or 300 grinds! LED battery indicators show remaining charge USB Charging.

  • Magnetically Sealed

    Dispenser lid slides open to let you pour out desired amount.

  • Powerful

    Grind up to 2.5g of product as coarse or as fine as you need.

  • Easy On/Off

    Press button 3 times to turn on. Hold button to grind however much you need. Press 3 times to shut off.

  • Discreet Storage

    Disassembled unit can be combined into compact storage case, ready to dispense at a whim.

Easy To Use

With a push of a button, grind any herb to as coarse or fine as needed.

Sharing Is Caring

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USB ReChargeable

With one charge giving up to 300 uses, the battery needs to keep going. Just plug the included USB cable into the Herbal Easy Grinder and juice up on power.

Sealed Storage

Got extra herbs? Don’t let them dry up, keep them fresh with the sealed magnetic top


Easy Herb Grinder

Just click 1-2-3 and your on your way to blend the finest herbs to your customization.

You be the judge on how coarse or fine you want your herbs grinded.

Watch the video below to have a look on what you get with your order of an Easy Ginder.

How It Works Video
Easy Herb Grinder

Choose from 4 Sleek Satin Colors


Convenience that fits in your pocket, your easy GrinderTM automatic herb grinder & sealed storage dispenser is ready when you need it to be.

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